Fanta Mango - Soflo Snacks
Fanta Mango - Soflo Snacks
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Fanta Mango

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Mango Fanta, anyone? Yes, you heard that right! Great taste and zero caffeine, this Fanta flavor gets its fruity taste 100% naturally, making it the perfect fun and refreshing drink that everyone can appreciate.

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa G.

I love fanta. Especially the strawberry. Never thought I would ever like any other one until I tried this amazing mango one. it's like the most amazing flavor ever. it is hard to find but when you do find it it's a keeper. if you like strawberry you will love mango.

Madona N.

I love Fanta mango soda, as I have a deep love for all things tropical. And this soda satisfies that craving!

Hailie V.

Okay so I'm not super into soda to begin with, but this is amazing it tastes like one of those Arizona cans the mango one obviously but with carbonation. Also it's really great for mixing with Malibu.

Jada H.

I used to love this soda growing up! Such a crisp refreshing taste! But ever since I quit soda, my skin and overall health have improved!

Suzan S.

Fanta mango is so niceeeeeee!! This drink tastes the best when it’s cold and it tastes Devine

Bre N.

This tastes so good especially if its really cold. I like it better than the orange kind

Trang T.

Words can not explain my love for this drink. I thought I was in love with the orange one, but oh boy was I wrong. I can't explain the taste of it, but just know that it's wonderful.

Rick W.

This is the best Fanta ever but hard to find in my area Walmart don't carry it or Kroger I have 3 maybe 4 convenience stores that carry it this and sorry but A&W root Beer are my favs but I'll pick Fanta Mango over em all it is the best tasting soda out there

Hannah S.

I got this as a gift for a friend and he was super excited!

Asia B.

I love Fanta sodas they give a dance in my mouth every time I drink it. This flavor tastes exactly like a mango. I like to drink my sodas chilled when it’s hot outside. I will definitely buy this product again.

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