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had to thank my girl for getting me my durkios!

Glad it arrived, thank you for the great product and service. This is going to look great with my other collectibles. I cant wait to see what else you guys drop soon

Added it to my desk collection. Ty for the product

Fast shipping, great condition, and i'm a happy customer. Perfect addition to my collection

I got two, my brother and I are super happy!

Great addition to my collection. Its quickly growing. Cant wait to see what else yall drop

Honestly had no idea the cereal was a protein cereal which is amazing because now I can eat as much as I want !!

Love the idea, even if I didn’t eat the cereal I would have still bought it to leave on display in my room.

Great Job Durk & Soflo team, can’t way to see the next project!

Josh A.

Big Durkio fan, the box came quickly and a great addition to my collection. Cant wait to see what you guys release next

Cap'n Crunch's Cotton Candy Crunch

If you LOVE cotton candy like I LOVE cotton candy, then what could you possibly be waiting for!?!? Cap'n Crunch hasn't let me down yet, from the texture and crunch to the lasting firmness and flavor, I'm addicted...I've purched three boxes in the past month in a half, and I can't get enough of it!

I was once pretty booty, now I'm %110 not booty. The unicorn cut out is perfect for masquerades or for using as a mask, depending on the flavor of the day

I just discovered this cereal and oh my goodness is it delicious !!! I hope they keep it around for a long time ! Perfect for a quick snack , breakfast , toddlers , it’s so yummy !!

I just put all my boys on this! we're hype for the next cereal drop!

Best giftever

Eveything was perfect, can't complain.

AMAZINGGG!! I can't wait to add more cereals to my collection

I got me my DURKIOOOS!!!

Grab yours before they blow up!

Super neat collector's item. Keep killing it Durk!

I'm about to have the coolest cereal cabinet in the world!

Who else got them durkios after seeing lil baby with them!?

Flawless, this came in looking amazing

Fast shipping, perfect condition, and amazing customer service! I'm really happy with my purchase!!

Arrived in perfect condition and exactly as expected for a great price. I know its going to go up once sold out

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