Crush Watermelon - Soflo Snacks
Crush Watermelon - Soflo Snacks
Crush Watermelon - Soflo Snacks
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Crush Watermelon

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Watermelon Crush Soda delivers delicious, creamy goodness to your taste buds with every sip! Savor the smooth and vibrant taste of watermelon. With the sweet taste of watermelon, this is where flavor meets refreshment.

Customer Reviews

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Karma O.

One of my must have drinks. Taste the best when it’s cold. Always and forever buying crush drinks. Tastes good with about anything your eating. I love the convenience of Soflo Snacks as well.

Benny F.

Love Love this soda!! I am addicted to it I love the real tasting watermelon flavor it has, just like taking a bite out of a real watermelon. It's recalling refreshing

Elizabeth R.

Really good! Smells like a jolly rancher tastes like one too! It's so good, I hope they make it in cans. I'm not sure sure what else to say besides that, I hope it stays around forever and ever and ever... So delicious and refreshing. Best flavor ever.

Amber A.

I love the flavor of this soda! I’m not a big soda drinker but I do enjoy this one! It’s so refreshing and perfect in the summer! I will re purchase this!

Kenny F.

This is a good flavor drink. I like the flavor it has for me. Good flavor when you’re drink and eating. I’m a repeat consumer.

Vicki B.

It is very sweet but great for floats or making a mixed drink. Kids love this as a party treat too!

Rebecca H.

Very refreshing taste. It always satisfies my thirst. I drink it everytime we have it in the fridge and its not very offten. I love this product so much. There are no complates on this product. Great flavor. I would let everyone drink it. I would recommend to others.

Tessa G.

I think thus watermelon Crush is amazing! Tastes great. Refreshing watermelon goodness. The only downside to this soda is the empty container. Affordable. Buy two, one to try and one to enjoy after you fall in love!

Tyler F.

My kids absolutely love this drink. It tastes great, and is amazing for a hot summer day.

Maddie S.

This soda is really good! Super tasty, refreshing and very sweet.

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