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FaZe H1ghSky1 Smacks

FaZe H1ghSky1 Smacks

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This limited-edition collectible cereal is a first of its kind! Only a few units were made. FaZe H1ghsky’s Smacks features a tasty honey almond flavor that packs a crunch.

Each box contains randomly specially marked QR codes that may contain premium unlockable content and experiences. Including Exclusive prizes, giveaways, the chance to play with H1ghsky1 & more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Luis Pardo
FaZe H1ghSky1 Cereal

Love it! Came so fast.

faze hooski cereal

i finally got my cereal like 2 weeks ago after about 3 months of waiting and when i opened the bag of the cereal, it unfortunately tore down the side so i couldnt use the bag any more. the cereal tastes a bit like almonds but it definitely didnt taste like what the honey nut cheerios used to taste like. regardless, i did already finish the cereal and ill probably buy some random cereal to put instead, since i like the box.

overall, its decent cereal and a nice little box, i probably wouldnt buy it again considering how long it took, but if youre fine with it taking a while and you have the money to spend on it, its a nice thing. rating it 4/5, minus the 5th star because of the ripped bag 😦
pics down below - one of the ripped cereal bag, and one of the actual cereal in a bowl

also wtf how are you people in the reviews getting yours sent in a supply drop all i got was a cardboard box 😭

Hi Arlo! Thank you for your review - we love to see you enjoying it! The reason it took a while to ship yours was because it was a pre-sale. Now, its a standard 2-5 business days. Make sure to keep your collectible box, and participate for one of the incredible prizes from the QR code! Best of luck - The SoFlo team

Jordan JJ Johnson
Breakfast of champions

This is the coolest thing on my shelf! Had to get 2 of these for myself

Loving my supply drop!

Got a special package in the mail, by far this is one of the coolest things FaZe has ever done - FaZe up!!

Jason Fernz
Best cereal ever

Its my favorite breakfast, collectible and i love the prize I won, an autographed box! Thank you soflo team and Faze! Will be getting one for my cousins birthday :)

Carrie Cheng
So excited to try!

I’m so excited to receive these and I can’t wait to try! The packaging is so cool and it’s a great gift idea for any gamer.

Bernadette Hankinson


Louis Thomas
FaZe Up

Finally got my hands on a Faze H1ghSky1 cereal! Im super hype and im hoping I win some dope prizes!

Stephen Lorenzo

Can't wait to get my hands on these! i'm a huge Faze Clan Fan!

Kayla Henry

Super happy I copped this cereal! I can't wait to put in on my gaming set up